House Of Scott Funeral Home & Cremation Service - Tacoma, WA

We researched the cost of services at House Of Scott Funeral Home & Cremation Service in Tacoma, WA. We estimate that you can expect to pay $4,395 for a full funeral.

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House Of Scott Funeral Home & Cremation Service | Costs and Statistics

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Contact Information

Provider: House Of Scott Funeral Home & Cremation Service

Contact: 253-572-9555

Location: 1215 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Tacoma, WA 98405

Basic Information & Costs

Service Cost City Difference State Difference
Basic Services $2,195 +49.48% +42.41%
Viewing and Visitation $300 +21.50% +16.51%
Funeral Ceremony $550 +5.46% -1.78%
Transport of Remains $350 -5.11% -7.03%
Direct Cremation $699 -45.02% -48.81%
Embalming $400 -32.36% -37.68%
Average Cremation Urn Price $300 n/a n/a

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