Casket Dimensions: What You Should Know

Standard caskets weigh approximately 200 pounds and are 79 inches long, 24 inches wide and 23 inches tall. Casket dimensions should be expected to differ depending on make and model so be sure to ask for specific measurements when making a purchase.

This article discusses all the options available pertaining to casket dimensions including standard-sized caskets, extra-large caskets, and custom-built caskets. The casket size selected may also have an impact on the required size of your casket’s burial vault.

What are standard casket dimensions?

Most adults will fit within a standard-sized casket. Standard-sized casket dimensions are as follows:

  • Width — 24 inches (approximately 2 feet).
  • Length — 79 inches(around 6.5 feet).
  • Height — 23 inches (just under 2 feet).
  • Weight — 200 pounds.

These dimensions are more than adequate for most, since much of the population is no more than 5’10” (70 inches) in height and the average weight for humans is still less than 200 pounds.

Even if the deceased is larger than either of these dimensions, they may still be able to fit within a standard-sized casket. Standard caskets are designed to hold up to 350 pounds and funeral directors are often able to fit an adult as tall as 6’10” within a standard-sized casket by bending the knees of the deceased.

Caskets and Cemetery Burial Vaults

Most cemeteries require that caskets be placed inside another container before burial. This container is known as a burial vault. Depending on the size of the casket, it may have an impact on the required size of the burial vault. The dimensions for a standard-sized burial vault are as follows:

  • Length — 90 inches (7.5 feet).
  • Width — 34 inches (almost 3 feet).

It is possible to purchase a burial vault that will fit either a plus-sized or custom-sized casket as well. 

Plus-Sized or Extra-Large Caskets

Plus-sized or extra-large caskets are available for those individuals who are either very tall and/or plus-sized in weight. The key point to consider when selecting a plus-sized casket is whether it will still fit within a standard-sized vault.

Option 1 — Some casket manufacturers offer extra-large caskets that are 28 inches wide. Since they are still a standard size in length (79 inches), they will fit within a standard-sized vault.

Option 2 — It’s also possible to purchase a casket that is 31 inches in width. The lengths for these types of caskets are available to up to 85 inches. The main caveat to selecting this option is that a casket that is at least 31 inches in width will not fit inside a standard-sized vault. 

Are Plus-Sized Caskets More Expensive?

It’s reasonable to assume that an extra-large casket is more expensive than a standard-sized casket; however, that is not necessarily the case. Over the years, the higher rate of obesity throughout the general population has led casket manufacturers to produce more plus-sized caskets than ever before.

Many manufacturers offer larger caskets at similar cost to their standard-sized caskets. For those who need budget-friendly options, it may be beneficial to compare the price of an extra-large casket to the cost associated with a standard-sized casket. 

Custom-Sized Caskets

Caskets can also be custom-made to fit a desired height, length, and/or width. Key points to consider when requesting a custom-sized casket is whether it will fit within a standard vault or if an extra-large or custom vault will also be required.

Another point to consider is whether the custom casket will fit within the deceased’s designated burial plot. According to the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, the standard burial plot size is 8 feet in length and 2.5 feet in width. If the deceased’s remaining loved ones decide to purchase a custom-sized casket and/or vault, to ensure a proper fit, they may need to contact the cemetery where their loved one will be buried.

Are Child-Sized Caskets Available?

Child-sized caskets are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from preemie, infant, toddler, to youth-sized caskets. Vaults and burial plots can be purchased to fit a child’s smaller casket as well.

More Questions?

The director of the funeral home you select to handle all the arrangements associated with the burial of your loved one is an invaluable resource when you have additional questions.

You may also want to contact the cemetery where you plan to bury your loved one if you have additional questions about the burial site or a graveside service. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you and your family are most in need of comfort and assistance.