Who we are

PerfectGoodbyes is a blog dedicated to bringing transparency, quality resources and research to the end-of-life industry. The site was founded in 2021 by two friends who realized the web lacked a centralized, high-quality source of advice on things like funerals, burial costs, end-of-life planning and more.

The site is free to use for anyone who needs it. We will never gate any of the research, tools or information we provide behind a paywall.

Our promise to readers

Everything you find on this site has been thoroughly researched and vetted. The founders come from heavy research and academic backgrounds, and both have an affinity for data. Everything you read on the site has been scrutinized and fact-checked before publishing. With that said, we also recognize some of the things we write about are constantly changing. Therefore our advice is to use this site as a research tool – but always check and validate sensitive information before making any critical decisions.

If you ever find anything on our site that is incorrect, misleading or otherwise needs revising, please don’t hesitate to contact us at media at perfectgoodbyes.com.

How we make money

As stated above, transparency is one of our core values. That’s why we wanted to explain to all readers our business model.

While this site is a passion project, at the end of the day we have bills to pay. That’s why occasionally you may come across stories about specific products (headstones, caskets, etc.) Where possible, we include affiliate links to these products. When you click on such links and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission from that site. Sometimes these links will be to Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a commission from qualifying purchases when you use our links.

With that said, any product reviews or recommendations you find on PerfectGoodbyes are editorially independent. Like with other parts of the site, we research the products we recommend before considering monetization. If we think a product we can’t make money on is superior to one that would pay us, we will recommend the superior product.

While that’s partly because it’s the ethical thing to do, we also care about the brand and mission of what we’re trying to do. We know that if we started recommending cheap or subpar products to make a quick buck, no one would want to read our advice and in the long-run the site would cease to exist.