Who we are

PerfectGoodbyes was founded in 2020. The site was started by two friends, Dan and Gregory, who realized the web lacked a cartelized, high-quality source of advice on funerals, burials, caskets and general end-of-life advice.

PerfectGoodbyes is a free resource that anyone can use to learn more about whatever it is you need in preparing for the death of a loved one or dealing with the sudden passing of one.

Our promise to you is that everything you find on this site has been thoroughly researched and vetted. The founders come from research and academic backgrounds, and both have an affinity for data. That’s why everything you read on the site has been scrutinized before publishing.

The team

Daniel Young, Co-Founder

Daniel has been blogging about personal finance and data since 2013. He worked as an analyst, compiling hundreds of guides, data studies and tools that helped millions of consumers make better financial decisions. With PerfectGoodbyes, he hopes to take his years of experience raise the overall quality of online end-of-life coverage.

Gregory Wium

Gregory is passionate about leveraging big data to help consumers make smarter financial decisions. He is PerfectGoodbyes’ head of Data Analytics and Technology.