Custom Cremation Urns: Cost, Options & Where To Buy

Custom cremation urns have been growing in popularity – particularly over the last 2 years. Unfortunately, shopping for one is still a confusing process and there isn’t a lot of good information online to help people make an informed purchase decision. That’s why we’re putting out this guide to help readers learn some key factors when shopping for custom cremation urns, what sorts of options are available, where to buy them and more.

How much do custom urns cost?

People’s budget is normally the first jumping off point when making decisions about what sort of custom urn to get.

Type of Custom Cremation UrnTypical Cost
Simple Engraving (Human)$100-$200
Simple Engraving (Pet Urn)$50-$150
Custom Shape$300 – $600+

The level of customization you’re looking for will likely be the biggest factor here. If you’re looking for a standard urn that has a custom engraving (like a name or short verse) or picture, that barely registers as “custom”. Most urn retailers will offer these sorts of options and you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a quality urn.

The costs go up from there the greater your level of customization. For example, it’s possible to order a custom cremation urn that is not shaped like an urn. It could be a miniature car, a football or some design shape – like a wooden hexagon. People may choose to order these customized shapes because they mean something special to the relationship between them and the deceased or are symbolic to the life of the person whose ashes will be held within. These highly customized urns can cost over $600, though more typically we see prices quoted around $300.

Keep in mind the advice above concerns human urns. If you’re shopping for a custom pet urn those costs will be lower (usually up to $150 for more high-end options). You can check out our guide on pet urns here for a more detailed answer.

Examples of Custom Urns & Their Cost

To give readers a better idea of the types of custom cremation urn options that are out there, we surveyed the web and present here a sample of the types of things you can find.

Type of Custom Cremation UrnCostSource
Wooden Custom Urn With Image & Engraving
custom cremation urn
Metallic Custom Urn with Engraving
custom cremation urn metal
Contemporary Cremation Urn
Contemporary Cremation Urn
Custom Ceramic Cremation Urn with Image & Engraving
Air Force Jets 3-Ring Aluminum Cremation Urn
AirForce custom metal cremation urn
$280Custom Urns US
Deer and Duck Hunter Fiberglass Box Cremation Urn
$280Custom Urns US
Orange ‘Live to Ride’ Chrome Cremation Urn
$304Custom Urns US
Black Live to Ride Gas Tank Cremation Urn
$414Custom Urns US
Angel on Cloud
Prices and options accurate as of 8/4/2022

Can I make my own cremation urn?

It’s possible to make your own cremation urn though it will require ceramic or woodworking skills. If you’ve never had any experience with either, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to create something that looks professional.

Also, consider the fact that if you are an amateur, the material cost will likely get close to what it would cost to buy a pre-made custom urn yourself (this assumes you will make mistakes and need to start over and throw out wasted materials).

Still, if this is something you’re determined to do it’s possible. Check out the two tutorials below that show you how to create custom urns.

If you rather read a guide than watch YouTube videos, here is a good resource we recommend:

Can you customize an urn?

If you already own an urn that you’re looking to customize it may be possible to do so. Doing this will actually be less expensive (depending on what sorts of alterations you’re looking to make).

For metallic urns, you will be able to get engravings added onto their surface. Simply search for ‘metal engraver’ on Google to find services near your location. There are shops that can use lasers to add words or even etch pictures into a metallic surface.

Alterations to wooden urns may be a bit trickier to come by locally. Look for woodworkers or carpenters in your area that may be able to assist.