Cemetery Burial Plot Cost in Oregon: Cheapest & Most Expensive Options (2023)

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The average burial plot cost in Oregon is $2,222. This is based on an analysis of 230 cemeteries in the state. In our analysis, we’ve seen costs go as high as $11,900 and as low as $300. Oregon burial plots cost 5% less than the national average.

Keep in mind that these costs will vary depending on your specific situation. Depending on the type of burial plot you purchase, how many, and in what zip code, these prices may vary significantly from the average.

When making burial arrangements, we recommend contacting at least a few cemeteries to get a price that is right for your family.

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Average Burial Plot Cost in Oregon by City

CityAverageDifference from State Average
Bend, OR$2,500+12.51%
Eugene, OR$950-57.25%
Gresham, OR$3,667+65.03%
Happy Valley, OR$6,500+192.53%
Hillsboro, OR$1,680-24.39%
Medford, OR$1,694-23.76%
Portland, OR$2,365+6.44%
Roseburg, OR$1,233-44.51%
Salem, OR$2,020-9.09%
Troutdale, OR$2,250+1.26%

Saving Money on Burial Plot Cost in Oregon

If you are a veteran, service member or eligible family member you may be eligible for a free burial at a national VA cemetery. There are 4 such cemeteries in Oregon. Keep in mind these are not guaranteed to have any open spots. Please see below for contact information as well as burial plot availability.

VA National and State Cemeteries with Free Burial Plots in Oregon

CemeteryOpen plots?AddressPhone
Eagle Point National CemeteryOpen2763 Riley Rd. Eagle Point, OR 97524Phone: 541-826-2511
Fort Stevens National CemeteryCremation Only1090-1140 Russell Drive Hammond, OR 97121Phone: 503-273-5250
Roseburg National CemeteryOpen913 NW Garden Valley Blvd Roseburg, OR 97471Phone: 541-677-3152
Willamette National CemeteryOpen11800 SE Mt. Scott Blvd. Portland, OR 97086Phone: 503-273-5250

Shopping Online for Burial Plots in Oregon

If you’re on the market for a cemetery plot, you may find the listings on eBay helpful. Depending on what’s available, you stand to save money on on your burial plot costs with the right bidding strategy.

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