Florida Funeral Affordability Study: 2023 Costs by City

The average cost of a funeral in the state of Florida is $6,079, which is only slightly above the national average. Due to localized differences in median household incomes, Florida funeral costs can be either less or more affordable depending on which city you live in. In this article, we break down the costs and affordability of funerals in Florida, weighing these costs relative to local wages.

Table of Contents

  1. Cities with most affordable funerals in Florida
  2. Cities with most expensive funerals in Florida
  3. Full list of funeral costs in Florida by city
  4. Methodology

Florida cities with the most affordable funerals

RankCityFuneral CostHousehold IncomeAffordability
1Weston, FL$4,704$100,1104.70%
2Pembroke Pines, FL$3,178$66,8164.76%
3Pinellas Park, FL$2,330$44,7105.21%
4Wesley Chapel, FL$4,809$79,8366.02%
5Oviedo, FL$5,712$90,4826.31%
6Boca Raton, FL$5,331$80,9386.59%
7Jupiter, FL$5,473$82,5436.63%
8Melbourne, FL$3,092$45,9386.73%
9Winter Garden, FL$4,512$64,6836.98%
10Titusville, FL$3,064$43,7657.00%

Weston, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $4,704
  • Median household income: $100,110
  • Funeral affordability: 4.70%

Weston, a suburban community in Broward County, has some of the most affordable funeral costs in Florida. Median household incomes in the city are high, and this usually corresponds to elevated funeral service costs. However, Weston maintains some of the lowest funeral service costs in the state, on top of relatively strong wages.

Pembroke Pines, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $3,178
  • Median household income: $66,816
  • Funeral affordability: 4.76%

Pembroke Pines is a city located 22 miles north of Miami. It was incorporated as a city in 1961, and is home of Keiser University. Funerals in Pembroke will run, on average, $3,178 which is relatively affordable when compared to the rest of the Sunshine state.

Pinellas Park, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $2,330
  • Median household income: $44,710
  • Funeral affordability: 5.21%

Pinellas Park is part of Pinellas County — the most densely-populated county in Florida. As of the 2010 census, 49,079 people call Pinellas Park home. While technically land-locked, Pinellas Park is located right next to Tampa Bay to its east and Boca Ciega Bay to its west.

Funerals in Pinellas Park cost, on average, $2,330. When compared to the media annual income in the city ($44,710) that represents just 5.21% — making it the third most affordable in all of Florida for final expenses.

Wesley Chapel, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $4,809
  • Median household income: $79,836
  • Funeral affordability: 6.02%

Wesley Chapel is one of the few census-designated places on our list. It’s located in Pasco County and is home to roughly 44,000 residents. Given its size and history, some residents have started a movement to incorporate Wesley Chapel as a city – which would make it the most populous city in Pasco County. However, thus far these efforts have not materialized.

If you’re paying for a funeral in Wesley Chapel, you can expect to pay around $4,800. With a median annual household income of $79,863 that represents just a 6% overall cost.

Oviedo, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $5,712
  • Median household income: $90,482
  • Funeral affordability: 6.31%

Ovideo is a city in Seminole County, Florida. As of the most recent census the city has a population of 33,342. The city is fast growing. Since 2000, the population here grew by over 26%. The city takes its name after one in northern Spain.

Funerals in Ovideo are the 5th most affordable in the state. Median household incomes in the city are around $90,000 while funerals cost, on average, $5,712. That means a funeral here would cost a household 6.31% of their annual income.

Florida cities with the most expensive funerals

RankCityFuneral CostHousehold IncomeAffordability
100University, FL$6,435$28,14222.87%
99Palm Harbor, FL$11,175$56,30619.85%
98Poinciana, FL$8,445$48,19117.52%
97Spring Hill, FL$7,655$47,51316.11%
96Pine Hills, FL$5,949$38,95115.27%
95Port Charlotte, FL$6,169$43,56414.16%
94Hallandale Beach, FL$5,384$38,31914.05%
93North Lauderdale, FL$5,875$42,11913.95%
92Lehigh Acres, FL$6,438$46,81613.75%
91Greenacres, FL$6,534$47,98313.62%

University, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $6,435
  • Median household income: $28,142
  • Funeral affordability: 22.87%

University is a census-designated place in Hillsborough County, Florida. As of the latest census data, it has a population of 41,163. The city topped our list of most expensive places to have a funeral in Florida. With relatively low annual wages, funeral services here come at a high price. The average burial will cost families around $6,435.

Palm Harbor, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $11,175
  • Median household income: $56,306
  • Funeral affordability: 19.85%

Palm Harbor is a place in Pinellas County, with a population of 60,236. The city is best known for championship golfing at Innis brook Resort & Golf Club and its mineral springs. If you visit Palm Harbor in early April, you can also catch its annual Citrus Festival which happens downtown.

The average cost of a funeral in Palm Harbor is a whopping $11,175 – which represents 19.85% of the city’s annual median household income.

Poinciana, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $8,445
  • Median household income: $48,191
  • Funeral affordability: 17.52%

Poinciana is located in Osceola and Polk counties, just 14 miles east of Haines City. It has a population of about 53,000. If you look at the broader Poinciana area, there are 83,000 people living here all-in-all. It’s considered one of the fastest growing areas in Central Florida over the past decade.

Funerals here cost about $8,445, which is high relative to the $48,191 median annual household income. It ranks as the 3rd most expensive in the entire state according to our analysis.

Spring Hill, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $7,655
  • Median household income: $47,513
  • Funeral affordability: 16.11%

Spring Hill, located in Hernando County, has a population of about 100,000 residents. It’s considered a part of Florida’s “Nature Coast” – which is an unofficial region that includes eight counties along the Gulf of Mexico and the Big Bend Coast.

Funerals in Spring Hill cost, on average, $7,655. In absolute terms, this is among the most expensive places for a funeral. When you factor in the median household incomes in the area, those costs catapult Spring Hill to the 4th most expensive in the whole state.

Pine Hills, FL

  • Average funeral costs: $5,949
  • Median household income: $38,951
  • Funeral affordability: 15.27%

Rounding out our list of most expensive cities in Florida for a funeral is Pine Hills. This census-designated place is located in Orange County and has a population of about 60,000. The city is the hometown of several NBA and NFL players – including Chucky Atkins, Darryl Dawkins, Alex Haynes and Kenard Lang.

Funerals in Pine Hills cost, on average, $5,949. That is about 15% of the median annual household incomes in the areas — making it the 5th least affordable in Florida.

Florida funeral costs and affordability by city

Below is a full list of the 100 cities we looked at in this study, listed in alphabetical order. Take a look to see how much funerals cost in the Sunshine State, and how they compare to one another.

RankCityFuneral CostHousehold IncomeAffordability
33Alafaya, FL$5,853$70,4348.31%
82Altamonte Springs, FL$6,505$52,55412.38%
18Apopka, FL$4,576$61,5587.43%
6Boca Raton, FL$5,331$80,9386.59%
66Bonita Springs, FL$6,750$62,28710.84%
64Boynton Beach, FL$5,694$53,50410.64%
71Bradenton, FL$5,085$44,13711.52%
39Brandon, FL$5,205$59,4918.75%
79Cape Coral, FL$6,878$57,12512.04%
58Clearwater, FL$4,813$47,07010.23%
50Clermont, FL$5,728$58,8049.74%
56Coconut Creek, FL$5,951$58,62710.15%
24Coral Gables, FL$7,655$100,0007.66%
29Coral Springs, FL$6,025$74,3718.10%
80Country Club, FL$5,357$44,48112.04%
38Cutler Bay, FL$6,238$72,2268.64%
32Davie, FL$5,528$66,9518.26%
65Daytona Beach, FL$3,546$32,93210.77%
85Deerfield Beach, FL$5,803$45,58112.73%
12Delray Beach, FL$4,026$56,5327.12%
17Deltona, FL$3,630$48,8397.43%
11Doral, FL$5,496$77,4187.10%
N/AFlorida State$6,079$59,22710.26%
25Fort Lauderdale, FL$4,233$55,2697.66%
76Fort Myers, FL$5,084$43,47411.69%
87Fort Pierce, FL$3,918$30,44512.87%
77Fountainebleau, FL$5,625$48,02311.71%
60Gainesville, FL$3,748$36,38910.30%
91Greenacres, FL$6,534$47,98313.62%
94Hallandale Beach, FL$5,384$38,31914.05%
84Hialeah, FL$4,152$33,16112.52%
23Hollywood, FL$3,950$51,9177.61%
30Homestead, FL$3,535$43,5688.11%
44Jacksonville, FL$4,791$52,5769.11%
7Jupiter, FL$5,473$82,5436.63%
52Kendale Lakes, FL$5,529$56,0179.87%
70Kendall West, FL$6,163$53,56611.51%
22Kendall, FL$5,529$72,8177.59%
78Kissimmee, FL$4,778$39,84111.99%
55Lake Worth, FL$3,882$38,37110.12%
73Lakeland, FL$5,149$44,31311.62%
75Largo, FL$4,953$42,41611.68%
28Lauderhill, FL$3,280$40,7378.05%
92Lehigh Acres, FL$6,438$46,81613.75%
89Margate, FL$6,025$45,66713.19%
8Melbourne, FL$3,092$45,9386.73%
48Miami Beach, FL$5,088$53,3489.54%
86Miami Gardens, FL$5,400$42,39812.74%
67Miami, FL$3,987$36,63810.88%
21Miramar, FL$5,306$70,0057.58%
63North Fort Myers, FL$4,568$43,03110.62%
93North Lauderdale, FL$5,875$42,11913.95%
54North Miami Beach, FL$4,115$40,95210.05%
88North Miami, FL$5,357$40,66113.17%
49North Port, FL$5,740$59,5509.64%
74Oakland Park, FL$5,875$50,38011.66%
90Ocala, FL$5,469$40,30113.57%
36Ocoee, FL$6,034$70,4728.56%
37Orlando, FL$4,164$48,5118.58%
31Ormond Beach, FL$4,287$52,5098.16%
5Oviedo, FL$5,712$90,4826.31%
16Palm Bay, FL$3,485$47,6407.32%
34Palm Beach Gardens, FL$6,753$80,4268.40%
13Palm Coast, FL$3,855$53,8207.16%
99Palm Harbor, FL$11,175$56,30619.85%
2Pembroke Pines, FL$3,178$66,8164.76%
40Pensacola, FL$4,267$48,6868.76%
96Pine Hills, FL$5,949$38,95115.27%
3Pinellas Park, FL$2,330$44,7105.21%
14Plant City, FL$3,729$51,4277.25%
26Plantation, FL$5,650$71,7217.88%
98Poinciana, FL$8,445$48,19117.52%
46Pompano Beach, FL$4,411$47,7649.23%
95Port Charlotte, FL$6,169$43,56414.16%
19Port Orange, FL$3,769$50,4187.48%
20Port Saint Lucie, FL$4,325$57,1137.57%
42Riverview, FL$6,323$69,8329.05%
41Royal Palm Beach, FL$6,701$74,7408.97%
83Saint Petersburg, FL$6,668$53,81612.39%
43Sanford, FL$4,144$45,7339.06%
53Sarasota, FL$4,775$47,8849.97%
97Spring Hill, FL$7,655$47,51316.11%
69St. Cloud, FL$6,278$54,97911.42%
61Sunrise, FL$5,673$55,04310.31%
68Tallahassee, FL$4,845$43,79911.06%
72Tamarac, FL$5,737$49,42311.61%
62Tamiami, FL$5,529$52,59910.51%
57Tampa, FL$5,193$50,90910.20%
27The Acreage, FL$6,753$85,3397.91%
45The Hammocks, FL$6,238$68,1729.15%
47The Villages, FL$5,828$61,5339.47%
10Titusville, FL$3,064$43,7657.00%
81Town ‘n’ Country, FL$6,557$53,30912.30%
100University, FL$6,435$28,14222.87%
35Valrico, FL$6,387$74,7928.54%
15Wellington, FL$6,615$91,0887.26%
4Wesley Chapel, FL$4,809$79,8366.02%
51West Palm Beach, FL$5,033$51,6359.75%
1Weston, FL$4,704$100,1104.70%
9Winter Garden, FL$4,512$64,6836.98%
59Winter Haven, FL$4,555$44,39710.26%


The data for funeral costs comes from funeral homes in each city. The Federal Trade Commission requires funeral homes to to give consumers accurate, itemized price information and various other disclosures about funeral goods and services provided – this is known as the Funeral Rule. The costs for a funeral per city were determined by looking at costs for a funeral that involves:

  • Basic services from funeral home staff
  • Embalming
  • Use of equipment of graveside services
  • Use of viewing facilities
  • Transfer of remains to the funeral home and to a gravesite
  • And the cost of a direct burial

We obtained income data for each city from publicly available records.

Affordability was then ranked by simply comparing median household income data to that of funeral costs within each city.