Poteau, OK Funeral Homes

The average cost of a funeral near Poteau, OK is $5,300 based on surveyed data from funeral homes in the area. Funeral costs can vary widely depending on your city, service provider and elected services. Our research found that prices can range from $4,885 to $5,715.

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Poteau, OK Funeral Cost Breakdown

Our cost estimates assume an average casket cost of $1,500. You are not required to select a casket from your funeral home, so it can be beneficial to shop around for a more affordable casket if needed. Your funeral home must honor any alternative casket you purchase by law.

The data here is intended for educational purposes only and we make no warranty about its accuracy. Funeral homes change prices frequently, so we recommend contacting the funeral home directly and asking them for their prices as they may have changed.

If you want us to correct any data on this page, please contact us: [email protected]

Poteau, OK Funeral Costs By Service

Service Average Cost
Basic Services $1,698
Viewing and Visitation $275
Funeral Ceremony $438
Transport of Remains $268
Direct Cremation $2,325
Embalming $873

Funeral Homes Near Poteau, OK

Explore local funeral homes from the listings below.

Grace Manor Funeral Home

  • Estimate
  • Distance
    4.65 miles

  • Contact
  • Location
    28918 205th Avenue
    Poteau, OK 74953

Evans & Miller Funeral Home

  • Estimate
  • Distance
    1.05 miles

  • Contact
  • Location
    411 Dewey Avenue
    Poteau, OK 74953

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